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                                             What is our goal?



         "Children must be taught how to think, not what to think"

                                                         - Margaret Mead


          We help children to grow bold, determined, sociable, enterprising, creative and, most important, happy.  We want them to develop harmoniously in cognition, emotion and physical shape. We teach them that they can find solutions where the situation seems hopeless, that we are the same in a way or another, but also, in the same time, we are different, and this is a good thing, because the beauty can be anywhere. At their age, it is important to play and understand that learning can be part of the game. We patiently explain everything, in order to have no reservations in their manifestation of curiosity. We encourage them to speak without fear and shyness in front of the others, to say what they like and what they dont`t like, to find their vocation and talents. We respect the children, because only in this way, they will respect themselves and the others, when they will be adults. We promote an education based on the latest socio-psycho-pedagogical studies.

We implemented the education through interdisciplinary projects and teamwork, this thing leading to an overall understanding of the informations and developing responsability and group communication. Also, in our kindergarten, the children learn the Alphabet since  they are two years old. They learn how to read, each of them by own resources,  in order to enter in the world of  beautiful stories as soon as possible.           

            Our groups of children are very small (max. 8 children for babies group and 10 for toddlers) in order to work effectively with each one and to answer better to their needs, their individuality creating more freely in this way. We follow the Romanian Ministry of Education's curriculum and study english every day. In our educational activities, we use alternative and modern methods, multidisciplinary teaching, connecting domains, as it is the most  effective and logical way for children to understand and retain the information.


Because the motor development is as important as cognitive and emotional development, we have a large yard with toys and green garden with trees and flowers and we are very close to Parcul Circului or Ioanid, where we go frequently at picnic or walks and each day begins with several physical activities, that are resumed during breaks.


Our team is made up of: experienced and very dedicated teachers, psychologists, doctors, moms. We created this center because we are parents, we have many parents friends and we want to work with children, getting involved directly in helping them to grow nicely. For this purpose our kindergarten includes free nursery hours of personal development.

A pediatrician visits the children once a week and in predisposing to infection periods, whenever is needed.

Children age limits: 1,5 - 6 years.


          Our team: 


Cristina Mazare - Kindergarten Teacher and Manager,  graduate University of Bucharest, Faculty of Languages, Romanian - English Department,  graduate of Pedagogy Studies

Iulia Vasile - English Teacher, graduate Psychology University of Bucharest. 

Andreea Rusu - Administrator, graduate the Academy of Economic Studies

Carmen Stafie - Kindergarten Teacher

Ionela Coandă - Kindergarten Teacher

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